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The crescent shaped Bulgarian bag is a highly versatile training tool. Made from rip-resistant vinyl, filled with sand and with a variety of handles, the shape of the bag allows the user to swing, spin, rotate and lift the bag through multiple planes of movement.

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Design Specifications

  • Rip Resistant Vinyl Material: The bag itself is made from strong rip resistant vinyl to ensure maximum durability.
  • Heavy Duty Webbing Straps: The sturdy straps are primarily used to aid your grip during dynamic swinging and spinning exercises.
  • Tapered Main Handles: Tapered by design the main handles build tremendous crush grip strength.
  • Thumb Crease: Assists gripping when holding onto the main handles and provides the ideal spot to position your thumbs.
  • Triple Encased Sand Bags: Filled with triple encased sand bags to avoid internal damage and reinforced with composite foam lining to provide comfort.
  • Thicker Side Handles: Used for pressing, pulling and swinging exercises the side handles are excellent for building pinch grip strength.

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Rip Resistant Vinyl


Black + Colour Coded


5kg (11lb), 10kg (22lb), 15kg (34lb), 20kg (45lb), 25kg (55lb), 30kg (66lb)

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