An Adjustable Club and Mace that's Affordable, Practical, and Fast to Load

The Maverick Mace is a Simple Solution for Quickly and Easily Modifying Your Workout Load and is Available in 3 Sizes


The Club is the shortest of the 3 standing at 24″ tall. Weighing 4.5lb empty its ideal for beginners, but can be loaded up to 55lb making it challenging for the most experienced of lifters. The Club is suitable for single arm training, doubles training and for two handed movements.


The Torque is the halfway length between the club and mace. It stands at 31.5″ tall and weighs just under 5lb empty, and can be loaded up to 61lb. The extra 8″ long handle adds additional leverage making it a little more challenging to control than the club. The Torque is suitable for single arm training and two handed movements.


The Mace is the longest of the 3 standing at 43″ tall. It weighs 5.5lb empty but can be loaded up to 30kg (and possibly more). This makes the Maverick Mace suitable for beginners through to advanced. The extra length gives it even more leverage and is perfect for mace flows, single arm training and two handed movements.

The Weight Plate Loaded Adjustable Bamboo Club and Mace that Will Revolutionize Your Training

Strength Meets Sustainability: The Maverick Mace... Built of Bamboo

adjustable club and mace


The Maverick Mace is a set of adjustable weight plate loaded bamboo clubs and maces.

Inspired by the gada used by the Pehlwani wrestlers in India the Maverick Mace can be loaded with any 2″ weight plate.

Weighing 5.5lb empty, it comes with an additional 1lb bamboo weight disk making the mace weigh 3kg in total, a jaw collar is also included.

The mace can also accommodate Olympic-style (2″) weight plates and has been tested with a 66lb load, although it can support more if needed (additional Olympic style weight plates not included). Fractional weights can also be used for micro-loading.

This make it a very practical, versatile and cost effective tool to have in your training arsenal.

The mace combines the traditional design of the Indian gada, with a beautiful bamboo timber finish and the practicality and cost effectiveness of using weight plates to increase the load to your desired load.

Note: To keep the weight plates securely in place we recommend using one collar for every 8kg loaded onto the mace.

For example;
5lb-15lb = 1 collar
15lb-35lb = 2 collars
35lb+ = 3 collars



Carefully crafted with precision and attention to detail, using high-quality, eco-friendly bamboo timber.


Built from sturdy, sustainable bamboo with a silk varnish for a sleek look and durable finish.


The handle features knurling and a comfortable sphere pommel allowing for a natural and comfortable grip, making it easier to hold when using heavier loads.


The laser engraved logo adds a touch of style making it a unique and visually appealing addition to your home gym.


adjustable club and mace

Available in three sizes: the Club, Torque, and Mace, offering you the flexibility to choose between single-arm training, two-handed training, or doubles.


Comes with 1 x 1lb bamboo block and jaw collar allowing you to quickly increase or decrease the weight as required.


Adjustable in weight from 5lb to 66lb, allowing you to choose the perfect load for your workout.


Fits any 51mm (2in) weight plate and secures in place with a jaw lock collar, making it practical, affordable, and incredibly fast-loading.

Maverick Mace Sizes


The Maverick Mace is crafted from bamboo, providing exceptional strength, durability, and sustainability.

Bamboo is the Worlds fastest growing plant and grows 15 times faster than other lumbar like pine. Bamboo is easy to grow, renewable and requires zero chemicals and pesticides.

It’s also incredibly strong and durable with;

  • A higher tensile strength than many alloys of steel.
  • A higher compressive strength than many mixtures of concrete.
  • And, a higher strength-to-weight ratio than graphite.


Mace training builds grip strength, core strength, shoulder strength, mobility, and stability. Maces can be used for full body workouts that work multiple planes of movement. The tractional force is also excellent for decompressing joints and lengthening connective tissue.

Yes, much like any other strength training, you will build muscle training with a mace. The mace is a versatile training tool that can be used in a number of ways. For example  traditional mace exercises like the 360 and 10-to-2, offset exercises that challenge the body unilaterally and full body flow workouts.

The mace is fantastic for working the shoulders, forearms and core. The mace can also be used for lower body exercises like squats, lunges and deadlifts. The mace is a versatile training tool that can be used to work the entire body.

You probably can, but it’s not what it’s designed for. If you would like to slam a tyre we recommend using one our steel maces.

For females we recommend 5lb-7lb, for males we recommend 10lb. Because the Maverick Mace is adjustable you can start light to perfect your form, then increase the load gradually once you master the skill of training with leverage.

The Maverick Mace comes with 1 x 1lb bamboo block. However, the mace can be fitted with any standard 51mm (2″) weight plate.

The Maverick Mace comes with 1 x jaw lock collar. To keep the weight plates securely in place we recommend using one collar for every 8kg loaded onto the mace.

For example;
5lb-15lb = 1 collar
15lb-35lb = 2 collars
35lb+ = 3 collars

Yes, you can. Click here to purchase additional bamboo blocks and jaw collars.

I have tested the Maverick Mace with 59lb of additional weight, plus the 5.5lb weight of the mace = 66lb. But, it can hold more as long as you use 1 x jaw collar for every 15lb loaded onto the mace.

Yes, you can. The sleeve of the mace that holds the weight plates are 50mm (2″) wide, the handle is 35mm (1.37″). The area in between is tapered to allow fluid hand to hand transitions.