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Dangerously Fit Offer Cutting Edge Education and Fitness Equipment in the Area of Unconventional Training and Functional Strength Using the Most Effective Principles and Training Tools



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The Dangerously Fit Academy educates personal trainers, health professionals, sports coaches, athletes and fitness enthusiasts on how to use a large selection of functional training tools with proficient technique, programming that delivers outstanding results and fun, effective workouts that will blow your competition away!

The IFSC Certification gives you the skills and tools to stand out in today’s competitive fitness industry and become a recognised leading authority in unconventional strength training.

The Dangerously Fit online platform includes; videos, articles, courses, live training and certifications utilising alternative strength training tools like kettlebells, Bulgarian bags, aqua bags, steel maces, steel clubs, battle rope, sandbags, suspension straps and more!

Dan Clay - Founder