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Hey, my name is Dan Clay, and I’m the founder of Dangerously Fit.

With over two decades of experience in the field, I’ve dedicated my life to helping individuals around the globe unlock their full potential through physical fitness.

Driven by my desire to revolutionize the fitness industry, Dangerously Fit was founded with a mission to empower individuals to transform their lives through movement.

From innovative training programs to cutting-edge equipment, Dangerously Fit offers a comprehensive range of resources designed to support individuals at every step of their fitness journey.

Dangerously Fit’s unique approach to fitness combines science-based training methods with a deep understanding of human physiology and biomechanics.

The Dangerously Fit online platform includes; videos, articles, programs, live training and certifications using alternative strength training tools like kettlebells, aqua bags, steel maces, steel clubs, battle rope, sandbags, suspension straps and more!

Dan Clay - Founder