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Pair of authentic Victorian style Indian clubs machine turned from high quality bamboo timber with a silk varnish finish to enhance and protect the wood.

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Dangerously Fit Indian Clubs are machine produced and based on the classic Victorian Indian club design.

  • Made from sustainable bamboo.
  • Laser engraved logo.
  • Sold in pairs.
  • Available in 4 sizes; 1lb, 2lb, 3lb and 6lb.

What Size Should I Start With?

Indian clubs are not heavy, they’re fast. A skipping rope isn’t heavy but they make your feet quick, same with Indian Clubs… they’re not heavy but make your hands fast.

Force = mass x acceleration. If you’ve never used Indian clubs before we recommend starting light with a pair of 1lb. They feel heavier when swinging them especially when swung through different planes of motion.

Work on the technique first and groove the path before moving onto heavier clubs once you’re proficient.

Indian Clubs Vs Steel Clubs

Although Indian clubs look very similar to steel clubs, they are very different training tools.

The much lighter Indian clubs are made from wood or plastic and typically weigh between 0.5lb-3lb.

The focus of Indian club training is on mobility, fluidity and speed making them excellent for rehab, prehab, warm ups and improving shoulder mobility.

Steel clubs are much heavier and as the name implies, made of steel.

They weigh anywhere from 5lb-45lb and are a strength conditioning tool excellent for developing shoulder strength, grip strength, core strength and can be used for conditioning much like any other free weight.

If your goal is rehab/prehab and to improve mobility, choose Indian clubs.

If your goal is to develop strength, choose steel clubs.


There are many different types of wood used to make Indian clubs and the wood used largely depends on where the club is manufactured.

We chose to make our Indian clubs from bamboo as it’s strong, durable, and sustainable.

Bamboo is the Worlds fastest growing plant and grows 15 times faster than other lumbar like pine. Bamboo is easy to grow, renewable and requires zero chemicals and pesticides.

It’s also incredibly strong and durable with;

  • A higher tensile strength than many alloys of steel.
  • A higher compressive strength than many mixtures of concrete.
  • And, a higher strength-to-weight ratio than graphite.

Indian Club Sizes

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1lb – Pair, 2lb – Pair, 3lb – Pair, 6lb – Pair




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