Working over 600 muscles in just a few short minutes, kettlebells are the most versatile training tool in any gym.

Dangerously Fit kettlebells are forged from a single piece of cast iron making them strong & durable with a powder coated finish that’s grippy but smooth.

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  • Gravity Casting: Manufactured using a cutting-edge gravity cast moulding process ensuring a smooth finish with no chips, cracks or uneven surfaces.
  • Powder Coated: Dangerously Fit kettlebells have a matte black powder coat finish that assists gripping and resists chipping.
  • Single Casting: Being made from one solid piece of iron rather than multiple welded pieces creates a stronger, more durable kettlebell free from weak welding points.
  • Professional Finish: We guarantee a professional-grade kettlebell produced within a weight tolerance of +/- 3% that is strong & durable, free of edges or casting marks and with a powder coated finish that’s grippy but smooth.
  • Premium Grade Materials: Forged from 99.9% first run iron ore rather than scrap, ensures Dangerously Fit Kettlebells are perfectly balanced and as strong and durable as you’ll ever need a kettlebell to be.
  • Color Coded: Strategically color coded bands painted onto the handles for easy identification of weight sizes, allowing you to quickly identify your desired weight saving you valuable workout time.
  • Recessed Logo: The logo and kilogram measurement casted into the mould to increase comfort during lifting.
  • Lifetime Warranty: Finally, a kettlebell with a lifetime warranty. We guarantee the structural integrity of your kettlebell for life, Dangerously Fit Kettlebells are built to last a lifetime!


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8kg / 18lb, 12kg / 26lb, 16kg / 35lb, 20kg /44lb, 24kg / 53lb, 28kg / 62lb, 32kg / 71lb

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