Aqua Power Bag


The Dangerously Fit Aqua Power Bag harnesses the reactive, volatile & unpredictable properties of water as an unstable resistance training tool to enhance movement & improve adaptability like nothing else!

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Why Train With The Aqua Power Bag?

  • Pick up the Aqua Power Bag and instantly discover the unforgiving properties of training with water. Feel the entire weight flow freely through the bag from one side to the other amplifying the slightest of movements.
  • Improve the adaptability to unpredictable, unexpected, quick changes in resistance. Unlike lifting a predictable ‘dead weight’, the Aqua Power Bag (a live weight) reacts to your every movement which increases maximal muscle recruitment, improves motor control and develops full body stabilization like no other training tool on the planet.
  • The ultimate travel training tool… train anywhere, anytime. Train at home without damaging the floors (or your feet) or simply fold up and take it with you wherever you go. Just quickly fill with water and air and you’re ready for a killer workout!
  • No two reps are ever the same… The Aqua Power Bag forces your body to actively engage in order to control and stabilize the shifting load.
  • Dynamic responsive training builds full body stability from the ground up and is scientifically proven to achieve greater core activation.
  • Save money buying one bag that can be filled to your desired weight by simply adding more water to increase the resistance as you become stronger.
  • A multi-planar training tool delivering a more balanced training program that will improve your ability to cope with the demands of your everyday life.
  • The highly versatile bag allows you to press, pull and move with the bag in an almost endless number of ways. Plus, the water-filled PVC bags are soft to hold, making bodyweight exercises such as squats and good mornings comfortable to perform.

Aqua Power Bag Sizes

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Small (Fill to 34lb), Medium (Fill to 45lb), Large ( Fill to 77lb)

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